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A Snowy Day in Georgia

Georgia has officially been declared as a state of emergency. My family and I have lived in the south for well over 20 years now and even though we’ve had snow here before, I can honestly say I’ve NEVER seen conditions get this bad.

I knew it wasn’t a good sign as I was driving into work this a.m. and the rain was freezing as it hit my windshield.

Stupid schools and businesses who didn’t take the weather warnings seriously! The problem started when everyone was sent home around the same time today, which was approximately 12 noon.

Sure, snow is pretty to look at but not to drive in! I’m just glad I listened to my instincts and sent my students home 2 hours earlier than everyone else. Come hell or high-water I wasn’t about to fall victim to black ice. Been there, done that…but that’s another story.

It’s after midnight now and there is still gridlock traffic on the interstate. Unfortunately kids have been stuck inside their school bus in this traffic for hours upon hours. No food, no bathroom breaks. What a nightmare it must be for them. Other kids are having to stay the night inside their schools.

I’m sure they’ll be a made for T.V. movie about this in the future.

The news has been reporting that people have abandoned their cars in order to seek shelter, that or they’ve run out of gas.  Most people they’ve seen walking are ‘not’ even dressed for this kind of weather.

As for me, once I arrived home safe and sound I grabbed my phone and shot this video just as the snow was starting to fall. Mind you, this isn’t something I would normally think to do. Yeah, I’ve posted a few videos in the past but it’s really not my thing. But I’m open to change. <big grin>

Luckily I was home way before the traffic gridlock that locked down the city started to happen. I’m so glad I listened to my gut and headed home hours before the college finally decided to close.  Then again…snow in Georgia is anything but normal.

I will never know what possessed me to take this video and then to post it on YouTube. Guess I was just in an exceptionally silly mood ~or~ maybe I was just giddy that I was home safe on this crazy snowy day in Georgia!

I have to end by sharing the running joke here in the south. It happens every time there is even the slightest hint we might get snow.  The joke is…”you better get to the store fast and stock up on bread, milk, and eggs or you’ll be S.O.L.” but in truth it’s really not a joke…I’ve lived to witness seeing shelves completely out of these items.

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