Family Phone Trees

Today marks a turning point in the life of my family as we’ve known it.  With the loss of my last living brother on Canadian soil we will now have a phone tree in place for any future tragedies.

Facebook is no longer going to be the major from of communication when it comes to this type of news.

It’s amazing to me how this has happened. Facebook really can be a great tool for families facing trying times, especially when you have members that span the globe. But nothing really compares to the human touch of a real phone call. May this be a lesson to all of us.

The courtesy phone call has not lost it’s place! Don’t forget. Private groups can be set up to share updates with family trauma but the courtesy phone tree should ALWAYS come first.


About Jo

Retired Flight Attendant ~ Cosmetologist/Esthetician, avid make-up enthusiast, wife, mom, sister, and Nana. Pretty much just an all around nice person who loves playing dress-up and dreaming.

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  1. Absolutely right… Not everyone lives on Facebook even if they have a FB page. Calls can be short and as you said, tress are the best for getting the information out to the masses.. So sorry to hear about your brother.

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