Sylvia~A Country Icon from the 80’s

I have close to 8000 songs uploaded on my computer and as I was listening to my iTunes today I heard one of my favorite songs by Sylvia Hutton, a country artist that was pretty big in the early 80’s. I was a HUGE fan of hers back in the day. In fact if it wasn’t for her and Alabama I may have never started listening to country music. She was the first female country star that I remember taking our family of 3 to see at the annual county fare in Salt Lake City, UT.

With the release of her second RCA album, JUST SYLVIA, the single NOBODY sold two million copies and was #1 on all country music charts.

“Nobody was a big hit all over the world. It was #1 Country Music Hit on 8/21/1982 and #15 hit on the Pop Chart at the same time.
Never My Love ~ a great song sung beautifully by Sylvia
Snapshot ~ another favorite tune from Sylvia.
Not familiar with this tune but Sylvia is gorgeous and talented!

Please join "Fans of Sylvia Hutton" on Facebook. Sylvia herself is in the group!


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